Science with added fiction

I've recently made an executive decision to add science fiction to the Popular Science book review site. For some time now I've been doing SF reviews on this blog, but it seemed more sensible to move them over to the science book review site.

In part, this is because there was already some fiction on there. I'd featured a number of SF (and maths fiction) books which claimed to concentrate on serious science, using fiction as a way to get it across. So, the borderline was already a little fuzzy.

It's also the case that many popular science readers (and scientists) enjoy reading science fiction too - so why not put them together? The Popular Science site will still carry just as many reviews of popular science books - but with a little added SF to spice things up.

To kickstart it, I've duplicated all the SF reviews from this site, and will be going live with the first all-new fiction review this week.

I'll still continue to review other fiction (e.g. fantasy or …

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